whimsical. admirer. aspirer. fashionista. UF undergraduate majoring in microbiology and nutritional science. 22.

i identify as a toaster.

For You (by Mary Ellen Skye)
THE BLACK SKORT (by Barbora Ondrackova)
BAKESHOP. (by Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn)
Relaxed outfit  (by Cristina Blanco @guiadeestilo_)
Black cat (by Hedvig …)
 Boquette of flowers (by Mary Ellen Skye)
i don’t like my hair for some reason. it always frustrates me… prob b/c it’s been really windy in FL lately.
little weenie dog shirt!  (by Steffy Kuncman)
you can see the flower (by IAN CHEN)
Wherever you go. (by Lua P)
BROOKLYN GIRL (by Lisa Dengler)
180$ GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG (by Vu Thien)
sunny days, sun dresses. (by Steffy Kuncman)
Velvet flames (by Elsa L)
SUIT UP pt. 2 (by Lisa Dengler)